If you want to become a professional actor, you must improve your acting skills. Here are some important acting tips suggested by our professionals at Robert Winsor Institute that will be of great use to you. The tips are mentioned below:


First of all you should know your script. It is important that you read the whole script and not just your own lines. Read it again and again till you are able to comprehend it thoroughly. By this you will understand and identify the reason for your lines and it will be easier for you to remember the lines. And as a result you will react to the right lines and with right expressions.


In a live performance, you should get involved into your character and the scene as much as you can. This will help you to discover how your character elements come across to others. The more you feel the character the more realistic the experience becomes for you as well as for the audience.


Listen keenly to what other actors are saying in the scene. You must give the impression that what your character is listening is simply of that moment. This will enable you to react properly with your lines. It is advisable that you resist the excitement to be speedy with your lines, just to prove you know them.



Remember, the best way to improve your acting is to realize that when you first deliver your lines, it will usually be the easiest attempt for you and not the best one for that part of the scene. So you should look ahead of your initial choice and explore what more you can do to meliorate the scene.


Learn to breathe properly and practice it at least 20 minutes once in a day. Also learn few stress relief techniques. For example, you inhale as much as you can and exhale for about twice the time you spent inhaling. Such breathing exercise will help you to relax and overcome the stage fear.


Be professional when you deal with your colleagues. You should come in time on the day of shooting. This gives you some warm up time before the show gets started. And, more importantly you will be seen as a sincere and devoted actor by others.

Be fearless and do not get deterred with harsh criticism. Just be honest with yourself and give your performance with full devotion and concentration.


Now the last but the most important tip - learn the fine art of acting. The surest way to learn acting is practicing it. Yes, after all practice makes perfect. The more you act the more and better you learn. And also you will get many opportunities to work with different actors and directors.



Kids who are potential actors or actresses can really become good actors or actresses in the future if, at a considerable early age, they are enrolled in an acting class. Robert Winsor Institute acting classes can teach your child how to start acting and also offers many acting activities, programs, and workshops which are especially designed for kids to develop and master their skills while they are young.


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