The Robert Winsor Institute, in business for 16 years, is going to get a locational make over!

Indeed, as you know we are moving one of our locations to Burbank, CA. 

The Robert Winsor Institute will start a new partnership with a Burbank based TV producer, who will be managing the Burbank location. A lot of updates soon about the new Institute, and new corporation. Santa Barbara will still be opening up soon, within the new partnership.


The Robert Winsor Institute Acting Classes, known for personal growth and self-confidence, as well as focus in children from the ages of 3 years old, to 18 is happy to announce that our instructors will be teaching within the new entity, like they always have, along with more LA based teachers. So all your favorite faculty will be there and your Robert Winsor Institute graduate children will still enjoy the same education.



We will be looking forward to updating all our families with everything that’s next.

New corporation, new location info. A listing of all the upcoming facilities, to be created within the new partnership. New everything!


The Robert Winsor Institute wishes the best of luck to Ms. H, who will be going on tour with her upcoming, long awaited album. We will miss her, and are sorry that she will not be part of the new facilities.

We will update her album info, and her tour locations will be posted on all our reception boards for your enjoyment.


“I will really be missing you all, at the Robert Winsor Institute.” She said. Being there teaching instead of being on stage performing in front of 20,000 people, is what I prefer doing, NOT”, she quips. But the children will certainly miss her.


“Anyway, as long as you have Ms D, Mr A, Mr T and Ms L, what do you care, she added”.

Call V for updates!